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Witchtex R-4 Drilling Rig

                            Inventory List



  • Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

  • D/D Drawworks w/ Groove F/1" Line (4,500' Capacity)

  • Makeup and Breakout Catheads

  • Driller’s Console w/Air Controls

  • SGL –Eng Compound P/B Detroit 8V-92 Diesel Engine w/ Allison Torque Converter

  • Quincy Air Compressor

  • 65’H Hydraulic Raised Mast

  • Crown Block Assembly

  • Standpipe and Manifold

  • Rotary Hose

  • Gardner-Denver 17 ½” x 44” Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing

  • Oilwell 60-C Swivel

  • 4 ¼” Sq. Kelly

  • Baash-Ross 4 ¼” Sq.Kelly Drive Bushing

  • Baash-Ross Type DBM-330 100-Ton Block/Hook Combo w/(3) Sheaves F/1” Line

  • Mckissick  Block/Hook Combo w/(3) Sheaves F/1” Line Above Mounted on 3-Axle Back-In Trailer w/Rotary Beams

  • 6 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks

  • Folding Walkways

  • Safety Rails and Stairways, 11R24.5 Tires, Steel Disc Wheels

  • Ameriam 550 6”X14” Duplex Mud Pump w/GH Mattco Fluid

    End, Quick-Change Caps, Oteco 2” Shear Relief Valve Type D Pressure Guage, Hyril K-20-5000 Pulsation Dampener, Rod Cooling Pump, Bull Wheel, Belt U-12 Detroit  Diesel Engine W/Electric Starter Radiator, Gauges Pump Drive Assembly, Master Skidded

  • National C-250 6X15 with Mattco Fluid End, powered by a CAT 3406 Diesel Engine w/Electric Starter Radiator, Gauges Pump Drive Assembly, Master Skidded

  • 17’W x 16’L Driller’s House w/Round Top, Knowledge Box, Bench Storage, Parts Bins, (3) Lockers, Heater, Fluorescent lights, Skidded

  • 18’Dia. x 16’L Approx. 5000 Gal. Fuel Tank, Skidded

  • Set of BJ Type C Tongs

  • Set of 2 1/8” x 96” L Elevator Links

  • Web Wilson 150 Ton 4 ½” BN CL Drill Pipe Elevator

  • Lot of (1) 72”H and (1) 62”H x 28’ L Triangular pipe racks with Catwalk tray


                            And much more!

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